Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Melbourne-Tasmania-Melbourne part 6

The next day...
We went to Maru to see more koalas and kangaroos and some birds. 

I took mostly videos, which was very interesting so not much pictures to share over here.

While waiting for dawn to come we went to some scenic area closeby the penguin parade. We were able to see the many boxes where the penguins are hiding. We were told they would come out only at night.

Looking down at where we sat over looking the see where the Penguins will swim up shore.

We weren't allows to take pictures because they are afraid that the bright flash from the camera will hurt the Penguins eyes.

I took a sneaky little snap shot of a penguin and making sure that my flash was turned off. There were a lot others who sneaks up to take pictures with those little Penguins too. 

That's basically a wrap for a relaxing day.

The very next day...

When we left for tasmania we made a promise to ourselves that we will come back to queen Victoria market again to have their seafood and so here we are. I really love their hot chocolate.

So after breakfast, we went to eureka to see the city skyline and to try the EDGE experience. 

Sadly we can't take any photos at the edge but it was really mind blowing where u stand on a glass where it protrude out of the building. I've got to say it was so much better then the one in Chicago because you have so much alone time viewing the view hundreds feet under you. They did take pictures for you where you have to buy it later but the picture background doesn't wow us into buying the pictures. 

After the eureka we went around the city just relaxing doing nothing and seeing the city life. And right after we went to have lunch at a Hong Kong restaurant in Chinatown.

And finally, our last day in Melbourne...

Went for dim sum in the morning...

Board the tram. This is what a tourist do:)

Went to Habour town which we haven't been too. My parents went to buy some home essentials while me just strolling around because nothing much to buy since we don't have a lot of time.

Our last meal in Melbourne before we head back to the hotel to grab our luggage and head to the airport and back to Singapore. 

--The End--

Monday, March 23, 2015

Melbourne-Tasmania-Melbourne part 5


Got onto the morning flight back to Melbourne from Hobart,Tasmania. 

Checked in to our hotel. We got the suite room:) looking out the window and that's the other room to our suite. 

Went to Chinatown to have lunch. We had Xiao Long Bao and salted pork striped. I always forgot to take a picture of the restaurants the exterior and the interior; I was too carried away by the food because I am all about the food. 

Then we took city tram that bring us around the CBD area. We got to see some of the city architecture. 

We are very tired on that day so we didn't really go out that much so we went back to the hotel to take a nap.

Dinner at pho very close by to the hotel. I love the soup so nice and simple and apetizing too.

Then we went for a walk to see the city skyline and night life. 

We went to crown to see the casino. It's so beautiful and so many restaurants in there and not to mention a theater too. 

And that's a wrap for the night.

The next day...

We went to the great ocean road, and this picture was taken in a place called Lorne. 

The view along the great ocean road was so breath taking, I can't stop taking pictures even though most of the pictures that I took are relatively the same but at different scenic lookout. 

We went to kenett river to see koala and birds. Can you spot the koala?

Then we had some quick and easy lunch. Some sandwiches and pizza. 

And then we go for our forest walks.

And then we went to 12 apostles. Which was one of the top tourists attraction. A must visit. So beautiful. 

And these are some of the scenic lookout along the way. So amazing. 

Can you spot me, right at the top?

Ice cream to end the day and back to our hotel. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Melbourne-Tasmania-Melbourne part 4


On our way to Hobart, leaving our lodge at Launceston. 

We went to this place called Callington Mill. It's a flour making mill, so authentic.

Here we are in Hobart, the biggest city we've seen so far since we were in Tasmania. 

We went to Salamanca market which is the largest market in Hobart which opens every Saturday only. They have a lot of things, fresh produce, jewelry, food and coffee.


Finish of with truffle ice cream. Perfect!

For lunch we went to Mures. They have really fresh salad and fish. 

And amazing view for people watching.

And then we drove for about 2.5hrs to port Arthur to see the historical site.

The ruling/ court room.

The individual cells at the separate prison. 

So historical, I was reading one of the convicts that was sentence just because of stealing a razor, how bizarre was that. So interesting.

And that basically wraps up our 3rd day in Tasmania. 

The next day...

Had a hot breakfast in the hotel before setting off.

Here we are waiting to get onto the ferry to Bruny island. 

Waiting for the ramp and we are in Bruny island.

We went to a berry farm and had blueberry ice cream and some assorted fresh berries. So fresh and delicious. 

We stopped by adventure bay. So beatiful and huge. 

Take me away. Haha. fly~~

After the adventure bay we head back to take a ferry back to Hobart. 

We went to a nearby boat restaurant closeby Mures. And we had fish again. Hehe. We can't get enough of it because their seafood are so fresh there. 

To end our meal and day, we went to Mures to have coffee.

This was our last day in Tasmania.